How to stay healthy during lockdown…

We want you to feel good on the inside, so you can feel good on the outside. Our superfood powder blends are 100% natural with no hidden nasties.

Balance is the key to everything.

What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness and through this awareness we can grow.

Koi Fresco

The changes brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic got millions of people wondering how they can keep their health (and sanity) intact. The boredom of staying at home, plus the many temptations to just “Netflix and chill,” may be one of the reasons why staying healthy during the lockdown can be challenging.

If you are one of these people, you are in for a surprise. Did you know that you can actually be healthy in the comfort of your own home? As a matter of fact, this lockdown period may be your opportunity to reflect on things you need to change to become a better version of yourself. Here’s how…

Dress up your kitchen.

Do a kitchen makeover and keep healthy foods readily available whenever you are hungry. Make practical food swaps by shifting all soda crackers to high-fibre ones. You can also change your milk from whole milk to skimmed milk to lessen your intake of fat. 

Here’s more: Fill your kitchen with Organic Berry Boost and Organic Green Charge. These all-natural health blends may be your secret to keeping you consistently healthy!

Berry Boost will not only boost your immune system, it may also help in keeping your skin glowing. On the other hand, if you want a natural way to detox and improve your gut health, you can try our Organic Green Charge.

Weigh in, weigh out…

Check your weight and find a way out. If you’ve gained a few pounds during the lockdown, there are many things you can do to get yourself fit and active again. There are plenty of online fitness tutorials which are free, so you can choose which exercises you can do at home. Better yet, enjoy household chores like sweeping, cooking, laundry and more! All you have to do is play your favourite music and you are ready to go!


We all know to drink six to eight glasses everyday – and a bit more when doing exercise and although this can be boring, you can make it more interesting by adding flavours to your tasteless water. Our Supercharge Bundle is made to provide you with good antioxidants to keep you healthy and well-hydrated. 

Other than all of these tips, perhaps the most important thing is to keep everything in moderation. We’ll leave you with a quote from Koi Fresco, who said, “Balance is the key to everything. What we do, think, say, eat, feel, they all require awareness and through this awareness we can grow.”

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