How Ashwagandha Improves Anxiety & Depression

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Ashwagandha, the ‘Winter Cherry’.

As the world becomes more aware of mental health, natural remedies have populated the internet. One of these is the superfood Ashwagandha. Also known as winter cherry, this herb is said to be an effective solution to combat anxiety and depression. Let’s dig deeper and see what science has to say.

There have been several studies stating that Ashwagandha can reduce the body’s cortisol levels. One of which was conducted in 2012 wherein 64 participants with chronic stress history undergone a double-blind, single-centre, prospective, placebo-controlled trial. It was concluded that Ashwagandha root extract can improve one’s resistance to stress after taking 2 Ashwagandha capsules a day for 60 days.

Ashwagandha’s Effect On Cortisol.

Cortisol is a stress hormone that is released by the adrenal glands for stress response. People with long-term high cortisol levels are at risk of elevated blood sugar levels and increased abdominal fat.

A randomised controlled trial was also done wherein Ashwagandha was supplemented to the participants with moderate to severe anxiety. Researchers discovered that Ashwagandha can lower down symptoms of stress and anxiety disorders by 56.5% along with other therapeutic methods.

As for its potential to fight off depression, there are a few research that suggests its potential aid to alleviate such condition. This can be related to the 2012 study mentioned above since Ashwagandha is found to reduce cortisol levels in the blood.

Ashwagandha Supplements.

It is expected that more research will be published as the popularity of Ashwagandha rises. For now, people are becoming aware of its name and are now pursuing ways to get their own stock. Green Charge can be your reliable supplement to get all the benefits of Ashwagandha in one
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