Natural Vs Synthetic Vitamins

We want you to feel good on the inside, so you can feel good on the outside. Our superfood powder blends are 100% natural with no hidden nasties.

If you feel like your diet isn’t good enough to provide you with the nutrients your body needs, you may feel the need to buy a supplement.

Now, the question is, would you choose synthetic nutrients for convenience or choose the usual path of eating lots of fruits and veggies? Which one is really better?

Natural nutrients are defined as those that we get straight from the food source – with no added preservatives and additives. These have not gone through artificial processing. The synthetic kinds, on the other hand, are made via industrial processes such as the food supplements we see in capsules or tablet form like multivitamins.

Synthetic Nutrients.

Many experts say that synthetic nutrients are somewhat similar in structure to those found in food, but differ in their production process. This means, the human body may react differently to these synthetic nutrients compared to natural nutrients. 

Researchers at the National Center of Biotechnology Information stated that some synthetic nutrients may not be efficiently absorbed by the body. The reason for this is that these artificial kinds are taken in their purest form, in which no enzymes and co-factors are present to ensure optimal absorption and usage by the body. 

One good example is Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin). The bioavailability of it is better in its natural form than the synthetic as the latter is usually processed with bacteria, nitrogen and acetic acid. This is similar to Vitamin E in which its natural form is better absorbed by the body compared to the synthetic, as studies show.

Natural Nutrients.

Natural nutrients, on the other hand, may be the ideal choice as they are cheaper and readily available. However, some experts believed that the continuous depletion of soil resources (with the use of pesticides and artificial means) has affected the amount and quality of nutrients in food. 

This may mean that no matter how much you eat your greens, you may not be getting the needed amount of vitamins and minerals unlike in the good old days. So, what’s the solution?

Natural nutrients can now be accessed through conventional means and they are usually in dried or powdered forms. One good example is Moringa, a superfood that can only be obtained in certain parts of the world but is now made more available in powder form such as in our Green Charge.

Other superfoods like reishi mushroom, acai powder, ashwagandha, etc. follow the same process and so these can now be taken in their convenient forms. And since they are processed naturally, you’ll get the same quality and amount of nutrients straight from the source. 

This is why we have created our own superfood blends -xcelblends, to make it easier for you to obtain natural nutrients from some of the most nutrient-dense foods sourced from all over the world.

We make sure that you get all the needed vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in your body, naturally. Our products are 100% natural – no additives, preservatives and sweeteners as well as certified Organic and Vegan too.

A teaspoon of our xcelblends can provide significant amounts of Vitamin C, Calcium, Fiber, Magnesium, and Potassium and lots more so making it a great food supplement without the artificial scare. 

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