Benefits of Spirulina & Chlorella

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If you haven’t heard about spirulina and chlorella yet, you are in for a surprise!

These algae have been in continuous talks among health experts due to their nutrient density and amazing health benefits. To find out more, continue reading!


A natural superfood to keep your body and brain at their healthiest state is what spirulina is known for. This salt-and-water microbe has been around since ancient times, but it became popular when NASA saw its potential to be a healthy food by the astronauts.

Spirulina contains the antioxidant phycocyanin which gives the organism its blue-green color. In a 2009 study, it was found out that phycocyanin has anti-inflammatory properties that fight off the free radicals in the body.

Other potential benefits of spirulina include lowering the levels of triglycerides and bad cholesterol, improve blood pressure, protection against anemia, anti-cancer properties, among others.

It is recommended to take 1-3 grams of spirulina, but there are shreds of evidence that a 10-gram intake can bring about health benefits effectively.


Chlorella, which is defined as a single-celled alga that lives in freshwater, is also packed with health benefits. Nowadays, you can see chlorella being offered in powder, tablets, and capsules in different health stores around the world.

Did you know that it is now tagged as a superfood due to the many benefits it offers? This alga is about 50% protein, with lots of vitamins and antioxidants including Vitamin C and B12. It also is rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and fiber.  

Chlorella is known for strengthening the immune system, lower cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, and may aid in the management of a respiratory disease.

Both in one go?

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