Benefits Of Baobab

We want you to feel good on the inside, so you can feel good on the outside. Our superfood powder blends are 100% natural with no hidden nasties.

Baobab is known to be the “Tree of Life,” which stands tall in the African desert. A mighty source of varied health uses coming from its very fruit as big as mango with a hard outer shell filled with pulp that naturally dries as it matures that eventually turns into the famous Baobab
powder. Packed with high vitamins, minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, and several other
unique health benefits that support the immune system and aid digestive problems. This superfood gained popularity as an added ingredient in smoothies, açai bowls, and snack bars by individuals and companies all across the globe.

Rich in Vitamin C.

In a study in 2015, a single serving of Baobab powder provides 33% of your daily vitamin C requirement enough to strengthen your immune system and prevent you from getting sick. It is also 6 times better alternative for lemons and oranges that alleviates cold and flu-like symptoms to help you get-well and recover from sickness.

Fibre Power.

Trying to lose weight? Fibre is the answer! A key essential for healthy lifestyle to curb those cravings and promote feeling of fullness helping you eat enough and drop a few extra pounds. Careful with your fibre intake, according to USDA the recommended daily fibre intake is 25g for
women and 38g for men so keep it at bay and don’t forget to weigh!

Stronger Body.

If you’re a gym shark you will definitely need to include baobab powder in your pre or post workout drink! Why? Because it’s loaded with magnesium, calcium, and potassium. Great for strengthening your muscle, bones, nerve functions. Keeping you healthy inside and out!

For a quick mix, add our Organic Berry Boost in your preferred beverage or use it in your favourite recipes – get creative. You’ll be needing two to three teaspoons only each day to bring in the benefits of this robust supplement.