Ashwagandha And It’s Role In Boosting Testosterone

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Testosterone levels among men reduce as they grow older. This hormone is important for both men and women for reproductive health but is essential for men’s fertility, fat metabolism and muscle growth. While there are so many products that promote testosterone enhancement, one natural superfood is known to effectively increase testosterone levels among men – Ashwagandha.

Scientifically known as the Withania Somnifera, this herb has been studied to measure sperm quality among men who have fertility problems. A 2011 study stated that a 10-22% increase in testosterone levels was seen after the male participants took Ashwagandha for 3 months, at 5 grams daily. Furthermore, 14% of their partners were found to be pregnant.

Another study published in the Journal of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine concluded that Ashwagandha contributed to increased muscle strength and lower body fat percentage after the participants were supplemented with Ashwagandha for 30 days. Both studies only prove that this superfood can aid men to improve their reproductive health and overall wellness. Researchers believe that Ashwagandha plays a role in the body’s cortisol and testosterone levels, which is why it provides such benefits.

The only downside of taking this herb is that it has a bitter taste. Its strong flavour is very distinct despite measures to add it in flavourful beverages. Healthxcel’s Organic Green Charge has the right amount of Ashwagandha to not just improve reproductive health but overall wellness as well. It is specifically blended with other adaptogens to ensure weight loss, effective detoxification, and good digestion. Plus, it is made palatable while keeping its healthy substances intact.
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